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Maldives Resorts- A Perfect Place to Relax and Enjoy
30 September 2019 Travel ≈ Hotels and Lodging

There are a number of outstanding resorts in Maldives where you can spend your holidays with full of your comfort. Resorts are places with lots of outer space where you can sit in your free time sitting in the lounge chatting with your family or friends, if you like swimming then the best thing you can do is swim or sit by the swimming pool and observe others swimming in the swimming pools. The di

Maldives Tour Packages- Help you explore the Nature’s Bounties
30 September 2019 Travel ≈ Hotels and Lodging

Explore Maldives with the best offering of the tour packages, plan your holidays to enjoy the beautiful islands, one of the most beautiful feature attractive places in the whole world. The Maldives tour packages are based on your convenience, so that you can enjoy your holidays in your best way. Plan your tour diary to spend your leisure time within the islands, the tour involves the travel ticket

Top 5 Reasons to Book Your Next Ski Chalet Holiday
4 July 2019 Travel ≈ Hotels and Lodging

The skiing is the best time pass for ski lovers. The place is not too expensive to reach. But the enjoyment is enormous and impeccable. There are people who still visit on and off to such mountains at affordable prices and enjoy their life and rejoicing their older and golden memories. Major reasons for selecting skiing are Bend the knees It is one of the topmost enjoyment to con

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Luxury redefined in Indian Hotels
26 February 2019 Travel ≈ Hotels and Lodging

What exactly do you expect when you wish to have luxury hospitality when you are out of your town for a business tour, performing shows or just for traversing the sites? Whatever the purpose may be you always look forward towards hotels providing great geniality and service. As everyone has their own likings, luxury is defined differently by them. In India where there are so many developed and met

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Romantic Getaway can kindle the bond between couples
2/1/2019 Travel ≈ Hotels and Lodging

Ambiance plays a pivotal role in the sparking of mood among the couples. They look for the places which can be blissful and aid in their romance. The resort is located in Sri Lanka. People visiting the place can expect serenity, rejuvenation, and romance in the resort. It is situated in the Kandy Hills which is on the slopes of Hantana mountain range. The lake below the resort offers a breath-taki

Theva Residency
UP TO 75% OFF ON HOTEL | Get All News on World Aviation Industry
5/31/2018 Travel ≈ Hotels and Lodging

UP TO 80% OFF ON HOTEL. Hotels Booking India & Others Call Us - +8801678569293. We are the best Etihad Airways Dhaka Office, Emirates Airlines Dhaka Office, Turkish Airlines Dhaka Office, Singapore Airlines Dhaka Office, Jet Airways Dhaka Office, Air India Dhaka Office, Saudi Airlines Dhaka Office, Novoair Dhaka Office, Regent Airways Dhaka Office, US-Bang
6 Amazing Places to Visit in Munnar with Kids
5/15/2018 Travel ≈ Hotels and Lodging

Munnar is a gorgeous hill station in Kerala. Nestled in the verdant Western Ghats, it boasts sprawling tea estates, lofty mountains, breathtaking natural scenery, and wonderful wildlife, making it a super place to visit for family vacations. Owing to its location on three rivers: Madupetti, Nallathanni, and Periavaru, Munnar flaunts wonderful natural landscape and spectacular viewpoints. Your kids

8 May 2018 Travel ≈ Hotels and Lodging

With its lush greenery, gushing waterfalls, majestic mountains, and splendid attractions, Kerala and, more specifically Wayanad, are beautiful places to visit. For the upcoming holidays, if you are planning a family vacation to Wayanad, do check out this guide. What to see Here are the top places to visit in Wayanad with family: 1. Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary The Muthanga Wildlife Sanc

Choose the Best Catered Ski Chalets Holidays
7 May 2018 Travel ≈ Hotels and Lodging

Its great fun and it can be really a practical choice to make your holiday trip a memorable one. What is a Ski Chalet Holiday? You will be staying in a chalet, an individual house or an apartment according to the space required. There will be a host or two to make sure that you have a fantastic stay with all your needs fulfilled. They also offer advice, manage your actual needs, cook mea

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villas for holiday in goa
11 April 2018 Travel ≈ Hotels and Lodging

Holiday Villas in Goa – Why Staying at a Villa is Preferable! The most buzzing and most loved tourist destination for having fun in India,  has to be Goa. Owing to this fact, hundreds and thousands of people flock to Goa every year to spend some amazing and memorable times with their loved ones. Are you also planning a Goa vacation soon and are worried sick about the soaring hotel pric

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Strategies to choose the right Hostel in Miraflores
10 April 2018 Travel ≈ Hotels and Lodging

Being most prominent district of the city of Lima (Peru), Miraflores is an upscale shopping and an exclusive residential district located south of downtown. Situated about 10 kilometers away from the central city, Miraflores has an exquisitely enriched, long and versatile history. It is the spot of many battles between Chile and Peru. From the perspective of a tourist, it features thought-wafti

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suite hotels in guwahati
13 March 2018 Travel ≈ Hotels and Lodging

Hotel ROYALE de CASA stands with its grand Architecture which brings the presence of Royalty in British Era.   The name "CASA" itself means "Home", so we welcome you to ROYALE de CASA with luxurious comfort in a home away from home.   Hotel is situated at a walkable distance from state capital with easy connectivity to airport, bus terminus and railway station. &nb

star hotel in guwahati
13 March 2018 Travel ≈ Hotels and Lodging

ROYALE de CASA is designed with luxurious rooms suited for your beautiful comfortable stay, and careful attention is given to every detail to preserve the simple yet elegant style of luxury. There are total of 40 fully furnished rooms at ROYALE de CASA having categories luxury, premier Junior suite,Executive Suite, Maharaja Suite and Presidential Suite.Every room has well tiled bathroom with hot &

best hotels in guwahati
13 March 2018 Travel ≈ Hotels and Lodging

Hotel ROYALE de CASA stands with its grand Architecture which brings the presence of Royalty in British Era. The name "CASA" itself means "Home", so we welcome you to ROYALE de CASA with luxurious comfort in a home away from home. Hotel is situated at a walkable distance from state capital with easy connectivity to airport, bus terminus and railway station. As you enter ROYALE

You Must Expect These Things In The Hotel You Choose For Your Stay
13 March 2018 Travel ≈ Hotels and Lodging

Some recent trends have revolutionized the guest experience in some well-run hotels. When you have every right to expect the best from the hotels you stay in, here are a few things you must find emphasized in the hotels you choose for your stay. Holistic guest experience This topic is of course popping up in the current hotel industry a lot today. This is because of its fundamental importance.

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Never Forget To Ask These Things While Checking In A Hotel Room
12 March 2018 Travel ≈ Hotels and Lodging

Often the main thing most guests think of asking the Best Hotels In Miraflores while they check in is an upgrade. However, there are several ways and amenities with which the hotels can add more value and convenience to your stay. Here are a few things you can ask a hotel and you are more lucky to have some of them provided to you on your request. Late checkout If your flight gets delayed

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Ski Chalets — An Attractive Option for Family Ski Vacations
7 March 2018 Travel ≈ Hotels and Lodging

To help you and your family to have a memorable ski vacation, we have prepared some of the top tips regarding luxury ski resorts, catered ski chalet and the perfect time to have you ski vacations will help you make your perfect holidays. Before entering into the lesson, let’s know about the ski chalets. Why ski chalets suits the best for your family ski trip? Chalets are a type of buil

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Top 10 Forts in Rajasthan
14 December 2017 Travel ≈ Hotels and Lodging

Rajasthan is one of the premier locations in India for tourists from all over the world. It has a lot to offer. The deserts, the wild life sanctuaries, the art and architecture to the spectacular handicrafts of the local people there is a lot to like and appreciate in the state. However, what really stands out among all of this are the royal and beautiful palaces and the majestic forts. The royal

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Four Easy Instructions to Pick 5 Star Hotels in Shimla
30 August 2017 Travel ≈ Hotels and Lodging

Nowadays, traveling and tourism is considered an art that’s why travelers always prefer to complete all the arrangements before moving from hometowns. It has been observed that booking the hotels is one of the main concerns for everyone. People love to find top rated hotel rooms with lowest possible prices. Is it possible in India? Yes, this is very simple for the Indians as well as forei

Best Affordable Resorts in Gurgaon Delhi NCR
1 June 2017 Travel ≈ Hotels and Lodging

We often get confused when planning a holiday. We take days and sometimes weeks to choose a destination, find a place to stay, how to get there, where to eat and all the shenanigans. What if the place you decide to stay was a destination in itself? Yes, that’s correct. Day Picnic in Gurgaon Delhi Ncr There are Kingfisher Aravali resort in Delhi NCR which are a destination in themse

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