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June Jackpot & Weekly Bounties!
7 June 2018 Entertainment ≈ Gambling

Are you looking for an online rummy site which has some of the best 13 card rummy games available to play and its available to Indian players. Lively game play, fast hassle-free pay outs and a wide range of payment methods? If the answer is yes, look no further than Deccan Rummy Deccan Rummy is one of the premier online rummy sites in India which has a solid user base of more than 5 lakh users.

Deccan Rummy
hoose your pick & win free tickets to 1 Lakh Social Sharks tourney
21 May 2018 Entertainment ≈ Gambling

After a hard fought season filled with some fascinating cricket match, we are finally down to 4 matches with all the four teams gunning for a place to be in the playoffs. All the 8 teams have played some fantastic cricket over the period of about a month and a half. It’s tough to brave the Indian summer heat and pull out excellent performances one after the other. While Sunrisers Hyderaba

Deccan Rummy
Why being novice is advantageous while playing rummy!
19 May 2018 Entertainment ≈ Gambling

Rummy game continues to be enjoyed by players cutting across various barriers. How many games that players from different age groups and all walks of life continue to enjoy? With the advent of online rummy sites, we have seen a prolific rise in the number of players playing rummy game online. With a site like Deccan Rummy, that has a platform that almost resembles a casino and a host of offers and

Deccan Rummy
Mahanati Special GiftRaffle tournament
18 May 2018 Entertainment ≈ Gambling

Mahanati- the biopic of legendary South Indian Actress Savitri directed by Nag Ashwin has drawn admiration from audience and critics alike, and is running successfully at the box office. According to the traders report, the movie has been doing a brisk business across the four south Indian states. Keerthi Suresh as Savitri was simply stunning, silencing all her critics with an astonishin

Deccan Rummy
Live the IPL excitement with Deposit, predict & win
18 May 2018 Entertainment ≈ Gambling

Deccan Rummy stands as a pillar of hope for both seasoned and new rummy players alike. Deccan Rummy’s ethos is to provide an exhilarating online rummy experience, with super fast deposit/withdrawal options, stupendous promotions, and exhilarating tournaments. So far, we have stood by our ethos and very often our promotions have exceeded our players’ expectations.  Players can only

Deccan Rummy
KKR VS RR – Predict and win From Rs. 4 Lakh by playing Rummy Fantasy League
16 May 2018 Entertainment ≈ Gambling

The IPL 2018 has come to such a stage that every match is crucial and make or break a team’s fortunes firther. Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals, both lying in the tables with 12 points each other, face off against each other in a do or die battle tomorrow on Kolkata. A loss will bring about an end for the campaign. Here at Deccan Rummy too, the Rummy Fantasy League is moving at an

Deccan Rummy
Rummy Fantasy League – Predict your winner between KXIP vs KKR
12 May 2018 Entertainment ≈ Gambling

The eleventh edition of Indian Premier League is promising to be as exciting as we all expected. At this juncture, after 35 days of electrifying action every team has played at least 10 matches and except for the last two teams mathematically the others have a chance. The top 2 teams are more or less decided with Sunrisers Hyderabad and Chennai Super Kings having 16 and 14 points respectively.

Deccan Rummy
Double the IPL Fun with Rummy Fantasy League
8 May 2018 Entertainment ≈ Gambling

It’s been a decade since the mecca of entertainment is back, yes we are talking about the Indian Premier League or the IPL. Indian Premier League since its inception has been a revolution of shorts. It had its share of excitement, drama, and controversies all the while. But the point was it was always able to pull off a fine balance between quality of cricket and entertainment. The revenue t

Deccan Rummy
Abdullashaik takes down Social Sharks Tournament
4 May 2018 Entertainment ≈ Gambling

Great opportunities are hard to come these days, smart ones lap up even the tiniest of greatness available in their sight. Nothing comes close to the excitement for a rummy player than a rousing prize pool for winning it. Tournaments have an ardent following among the card game enthusiasts – they are the ultimate test of skill and endurance. After the smashing success of the festival free

Deccan Rummy
Hurry! Just less than a week to go for Social Sharks Tournament
26 April 2018 Entertainment ≈ Gambling

So do you think you’ve got what it takes to beat the best among the rummy community? If you think so, you should head over to DeccanRummy and try to participate in our Social Sharks Tournament.   Sharks have a famous reputation for being one of the foremost apex predators. Feared by everyone for its ferocious nature they command huge respect from their fellow aquatic animals. Thou

Deccan Rummy
Commonly used card game Catchphrases
21 April 2018 Entertainment ≈ Gambling

There is probably umpteen number of conversations that we have every day that has their roots in card games. There are plenty of card games lingo that popped up in our casual conversations. It’s not amusing to see people throw “What’s the big deal” here and there. Some of these catchphrases have made their way into the computer programming world and jargon of various fields

Deccan Rummy
Get indulged with engaging rummy offers over the weekend
20 April 2018 Entertainment ≈ Gambling

Get totally indulged by the amazing rummy offers offered by Deccan Rummy this April. The online rummy site has something for everyone to enjoy. Remember, these are some extraordinary chances to increase your bankroll, if you snooze, you lose. Perhaps it’s now the time to pull up your socks and go for all the great things that come in your way. While acquiring a promotion to its fullest

Deccan Rummy
5 Inspiring Quotes from the all-time Greats!
19 April 2018 Entertainment ≈ Gambling

For most of us, Sports is a pure emotion. Just like how we feel anger, desire, sorrow, disappointment & euphoria – Sports creates each one of them on various occasions. Sports is filled with those incredible moments – the rise of the underdog, David vs Goliath kind of rivalries; The list is endless. For such a kind of activity that arouses this much emotions, it’s quite natur

Deccan Rummy
Weekly Leaderboard giveaways – Redefining the rummy verticals
17 April 2018 Entertainment ≈ Gambling

In today’s world, opportunities don’t wait for any, if you find across anything exciting that’s suited to your taste, you need to reach out to grab it. That’s exactly what the Rummy enthusiasts all over the country are doing whenever Deccan Rummy announces any promotions.   Weekly Leaderboard Contest   Deccan Rummy continues to deliver on its promise o

Deccan Rummy
Prove yourself as the Rummy Shark with our Social Sharks Tourney
16 April 2018 Entertainment ≈ Gambling

If you are an ocean enthusiast, you’ve got to love the sharks. Few animals inspire the awe, fear and respect those sharks, an apex predator in ocean command. At its full strength, there are very few marine animals that can challenge the stark. When it comes to rummy, sharks are those who have a thorough understanding of the rules, who has the ability to study their opponents and bait them

Deccan Rummy
IPL Celebration with Deccan Rummy – IPL Bonanza
16 April 2018 Entertainment ≈ Gambling

IPL season 11 – Bigger and Better The behemoth of entertainment is back. No we are not talking about any Bollywood film or the exciting Avengers Infinity war that is about to release; we are talking about an exciting sporting carnival that has drawn comparisons with some of the most famous sporting leagues across the world. By this time, you should have gotten what we are referring to &nd

Deccan Rummy
Take your aspirations high with April Aspires
12 April 2018 Entertainment ≈ Gambling

Summer has begun here at DeccanRummy, the days are getting longer and the weather is getting swelteringly hot. But deccanrummy showers cool offers for their users at this hot summer season. Are you the type of person who likes to play rummy online staying indoors? Then our April Aspires offer is exclusively for you. What better way to get through these burning hot days than to stay indoors a

Deccan Rummy
Deccan Rewards get more richer with Booster Bonus
10 April 2018 Entertainment ≈ Gambling

Spring is casting a spell here at DeccanRummy. You cannot help but surrender to the enchanting offers that we come up with to make this season memorable.  If you have played with us thus far, you would know no other site comes to DeccanRummy when it comes to offering bonuses.   Deccan Rummy always believes in providing its players with the best promotions and offers. So here we are

Deccan Rummy
Delhi escorts
7 April 2018 Entertainment ≈ Gambling

World of pixies isn't any more a fantasy as Delhi get young females organization endowments blessed messengers from the hallucination property in Delhi. We respect all of the mesmerizing and dream universe of Contact Call Girls in Delhi including young females chose from novel nations of the planet. Our goal is to give zest and assortment to our clients since these will be the two parts chased

Spring fun with Seal the Deal Bonus!
28 March 2018 Entertainment ≈ Gambling

It’s month end and most possibly everyone is running out of cash now. Don’t worry when you are in company with Deccan rummy – India’s Fastest Online Rummy Site. Here, players have an option to taste various bonus offers and exciting prizes on a regular basis. With our weekly leaderboard going great guns, there is a great chance to grab wonderful gifts like iPadPro, iPhone7

Deccan Rummy
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