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How to buy new perfumes for men and women?
18 May 2018 Shopping ≈ Fashion Style

Everyone wants to create their own style with the signature scent. Whenever you go somewhere out or to meet someone, looking good is not enough. You also need to look fresh and smell good. This is the main reason why people buy perfumes. Buying a perfume is sometimes very difficult as you have to try different scents or visit many perfume stores to buy a new perfume which can suit your personality

Home Trends This Holiday Season
18 May 2018 Shopping ≈ Fashion Style

At Casa Amarosa, we as a team are always striving to inspire everyone around us with our design and thinking. We take inspiration from the universe and give back in the best possible way. We also try to stay as updated with the latest trends in the industry. With the holidays just around the corner, our design team reveals what’s hot this season and how you can use each of these trends to

Simple Tips to Have an Attractive personality
5/18/2018 Shopping ≈ Fashion Style

Are you finding it difficult to talk to opposite sex? Being around the girls intimidate you? Do you want to talk to them but something about you is pushing them away and your not sure about it? It is easy to have an attractive personality, given you are ready to put in some hard work for it. You do not have to change a lot about you, but do everything properly. Here are some tips that will make yo

Thanksgiving Tips
17 May 2018 Shopping ≈ Fashion Style

USE COLORFUL TEXTILES Switch out your day-to-day tableware for something more bright & colorful for the festive season. Colors are a great way to add personality to your dinner table. You could opt for a particular color theme or mix & match it up, depending on the rest of your dinner settings. TABLE RUNNERS Out with the age-old tablecloths & in with the runners! Based on your

8 Things we hate about Summer - Strong summer perfumes for women top this list
17 May 2018 Shopping ≈ Fashion Style

You know there’s a list of things about summer that you cringe at! Like travelling in Mumbai, perspiring people, strong Best Summer Fragrances For Men that are possibly mind-numbing and what not! We’re sharing a list of such things with some potential solutions that could help you escape this scorching summer’s problems. 1. Sitting in Cars equals Sitting in an Oven:

Shell Cordovan and Top Leather Choices for High-Quality Shoes
17 May 2018 Shopping ≈ Fashion Style

When choosing a leather shoe, the type of leather used speaks volumes of the quality and craftsmanship invested in it. When looking to buy, having prior knowledge of the various kinds of leather available and their condition can help you purchase the best shoe for you. Leather is used in almost all parts of the shoe; this includes the outsole, insole, lining, heel, and the upper. At The Shoe Mart,

Dan Zapatka
The Best Accessories from Johnston and Murphy
16 May 2018 Shopping ≈ Fashion Style

From dress belts to scarves, Johnston and Murphy offers a broad range of fashionable and quality-made accessories for men. The Johnston and Murphy brand represents a classic sense of style with an assurance of quality and comfort. Using some of the world’s best handcrafted leathers, suedes, and wools, there is never a lacking for quality products. By pairing your Johnston And Murphy Shoes&nb

Dan Zapatka
The Proper Care and Cleaning of Men’s Johnston and Murphy Shoes
15 May 2018 Shopping ≈ Fashion Style

Nearly all of us have had that one pair of dress shoes that simply make us look our best and feel great while doing it. If you’ve ever suffered the misfortune of losing that perfect pair of shoes, you might find yourself hesitating at the shop window, staring with apprehension at what could be your next perfect shoe. The care and cleaning of shoes is, unfortunately, often undervalued. While

Dan Zapatka
From Cordovan Shoes to Sunglasses: Men’s Wardrobe Essentials
11 April 2018 Shopping ≈ Fashion Style

For the modern, professional man, having pieces that can crossover from day to night, from a casual day at the office to drinks on the town, are essential. Versatility and style are important in the pace of the modern day. Here are some classic and fashionable options to add to your closet: Cordovan shoes Mixing a cordovan leather shoe into your wardrobe adds an accent of timeless class and en

Dan Zapatka
Lennylemons || Find the Best Clothes for your Little Ones at Lenny Lemons
3 April 2018 Shopping ≈ Fashion Style

Nothing can match the happiness of parents when they are gifted with their little wonder of joy. The cuteness of your baby will be multiplied when you will present him in trendy and comfortable apparels. Though you can choose anything fashionable for your baby, the problem arises when he is a toddler and you have to put extra efforts in maintaining him. It makes no sense in this modern era to drag

Samuel Greg
Easy to Find The Best Beauty Product in Online Store
31 March 2018 Shopping ≈ Fashion Style

There are plenty of beauty online stores to choose from the internet. However, not all of them were formed equally. Some focus in certain areas such as nail or hair care and others may only take high-quality products or just single brand of beauty provisions. When you are searching for the best beauty supply store, it's very important to keep in mind a few things to guarantee that you find the

How to Look Stylish in Casual Shirts for Men?
27 March 2018 Shopping ≈ Fashion Style

Fashion industries have come up with casual shirts for men. These shirts can be worn without following any specific shirt wearing etiquette. You can pair them with jeans, chinos and shorts. They are designed for casual parties, casual outings and traveling. Below mentioned are some tips to look dapper with effortless styling in casual shirts for men. Chinos with Men’s Tie Dye Summer Shi

supriya srivastav
Cole Haan Chukka: The History of a Premium Brand
20 March 2018 Shopping ≈ Fashion Style

The Cole Haan brand is world-renowned for its commitment to quality and fashion-consciousness. The company offers a wide variety of fantastic outfit pieces, from the Cole Haan Chukka and men’s eyewear to jackets and women’s footwear. Cole Haan was founded in 1928 in Chicago with the intention of becoming a premium outlet for men’s footwear. The company quickly hit the men

Dan Zapatka
Alden Indy Boots for Every Style
20 March 2018 Shopping ≈ Fashion Style

From classic Workboot style to luxurious shell cordovan leathers, Alden Indy Boots are designed to fit the style of all wearers, all while upholding the Alden promise of product durability and all-day comfort. Here are some Alden Indy boots for every style: Color 8 Shell Cordovan Indy Boot It doesn’t get much more luxurious than slipping your feet into a pair of Alden Color 8 Shell

Dan Zapatka
The Perfect Pairing: How to Pair Johnston & Murphy Shoes and Accessories
19 March 2018 Shopping ≈ Fashion Style

Johnston & Murphy Boots and shoes are known for their superior quality and classic design using genuine Italian leather and other timeless materials. The foundation of every wardrobe also includes accessories that Johnston & Murphy offers, such as belts and socks. So when you are investing in your next pair of shoes, be sure to pair it with matching accessories to complete your uninfo

Dan Zapatka
Latest fads in sweatpants for men
19 March 2018 Shopping ≈ Fashion Style

With new emerging trends in the fashion industry and with the increase of accessibility to high quality clothes via online shopping, young Indians have completely revolutionized their way of dressing. You can find the latest clothes and the coolest accessories far too commonly these days. This new generation of urban Indians has ushered in an era where people like to dress well not to show-off, bu

supriya srivastav
Cole Haan Boots: His and Hers
16 March 2018 Shopping ≈ Fashion Style

Cole Haan Mens Boots come in a wide offering of styles and designs for the modern man looking for a high-quality shoe with a design philosophy that honors simplicity. The women's line features chic styles with both subtle and unique accents, complimenting designs that are made to ensure overall comfort. What better way to match your partner’s look than with a brand where each design

Dan Zapatka
Formal Shoes For Men
15 March 2018 Shopping ≈ Fashion Style

SHOESTOREINDIA/ DE SCALZO: Men’s footwear guide to perfect footwear for your feet First thing we notice about someone is what kind of footwear they are wearing, so if you want to create your persona then you have to invest in a perfect shoe. Shoes define your fashion sense as well as your status and body language. We have a great thing for you and that’s a fabulous looking and fu

The Right Fragrance for the Right Occasion
14 March 2018 Shopping ≈ Fashion Style

The world is full of a plethora of fragrances and more than “you are what you wear” the world has shifted to “you are what you smell”. So, it is very important to know what fragrance to wear and when to wear. Since your appearance and smell can make or break your image we are here to guide you with what is the right fragrance at a particular place. At work – When y

Praween Singh
A Special Fondness For Dress Materials
7 March 2018 Shopping ≈ Fashion Style

If you are a person who desires to add personal touch in whatever you do or whatever you wear, then dress materials are made only for you. Dress materials are the best choice when it comes to fashion conscious women who like to dress in a unique way. You can let your imagination run wild and work wonders with the dress materials that you buy online. Visit online stores to be hooked by the elegant

Rupam Singh
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