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Knowing in details about retinitis pigmentosa treatment methods
1 January 2020 Health ≈ Diseases and Conditions

Retinitis pigmentosa is an eye condition that usually is linked to our genes. In this case, the condition of eye photoreceptorspresent in rods and cones in the eyes are gradually depleted that causes deterioration in vision over a period of time. The condition is associated with decreased night vision and side vision. The rod light-sensing cells start to degenerate first following by the loss of c

Brief understanding of Amblyopia and lazy eye treatment methods
1 January 2020 Health ≈ Diseases and Conditions

Amblyopia is a severe eye-related disability that leads to deteoration of vision that generally occurs due to the imbalance or lack of coordination between the eyes and the brain. This gradually increases the chances of vision reduction which cannot be detected easily and has no proper treatment for it to overcome completely. It can be not corrected with the utilisation of lenses or the glasses. A

Knowing in-depth about colour blindness
1 January 2020 Health ≈ Diseases and Conditions

When we search online to read about colour blindness in various scientific booksit is described as a situation or a case of deficiency in which the subject cannot see or distinguish different colours properly. This generally happens whenpeople are unable to distinguish or differentiate between the group of main colours. Patients are unable to identity major colours like red, green and blue.

Ray of hope in the area of treatment for colour blindness
1 January 2020 Health ≈ Diseases and Conditions

Global Statistics available point that at least 300 million people in the world are colour blind and research also proves that one out of every 12 Indian suffers from colour deficiency. Colour blindness pertains to the disability of the eyes to naturally differentiate between different colours. The retina of the eye has two distinct types of cells – the rods and the cones – that are me

Mitral Valve replacement
13 August 2019 Health ≈ Diseases and Conditions

The mitral valve is located between the left heart chambers (left atrium and left ventricle). The surgical procedure is performed for mitral valve regurgitation. A poorly working mitral valve is replaced with an artificial working mitral valve. In most cases, the valve replacement is an open-heart surgery, where the surgeon opens the chest and your heart to remove and replace the damaged heart. An

Crystal Clear Vision With The Best Treatment For Myopia In Sanjeevan
31 July 2019 Health ≈ Diseases and Conditions

Is it difficult to see things clearer nearby but not far away?  In the psychological sense, it is better not to worry about the far of ones.  But if it comes due to the effect of any damage to the eye, it is a real cause of concern. There is an old saying that it is only the heart which sees clearly far of essential things than the eyes. But to see even far things are necessary for daily

Treat your glaucoma with the experienced services of the Sanjeevan Center
31 July 2019 Health ≈ Diseases and Conditions

The exotic creations and the rich beauty of nature and its elements are to be enjoyed, lured and be relaxed it. Nature created such things so as to please the human soul with the amazements and make it easy for the world to see such things. Eyes play the most important role in providing you with this perception. Your eyes are the first sense organs that perceive the environment and surroundings an

Cataract Treatment without Surgery is achieving success
31 July 2019 Health ≈ Diseases and Conditions

Cataract is a common eye condition which develops with age. It is the condition in which vision gets disrupted due to the formation of cloud in the lens of the eyes. It is a common condition amongst the elderly and can hit either one eye or both the eyes. Carrying out normal activities becomes difficult for them and thus they have get the vision corrected through removal of cataract. Cataract trea

Retinitis Pigmentosa Treatment can treat Colour Blindness
31 July 2019 Health ≈ Diseases and Conditions

Colour blindness is a disorder in the vision of the eye. It means that the person is unable to differentiate between the colours. It is difficult to find a centre which can provide 100% correction of the condition because many still believe that the problem is incurable. Sanjeevan in Mumbai is a reputed institution which is able to provide procedures to treat colour blindness. Retinitis Pigmentosa

Colour Blindness Test can help in the detection of the problem
31 July 2019 Health ≈ Diseases and Conditions

Colour blindness is a condition which makes it difficult for the person to differentiate between colours. Early detection of the condition can help the person manage lifestyle. However, medical science has made immense progress and has come forth with best results for the treatment of the condition. Colour blindness treatment in India is available in Mumbai and the people who are hit with the prob

Treatment for Colour Blindness in India can resolve the problem of many
31 July 2019 Health ≈ Diseases and Conditions

Colour Blindness is a faulty eye condition or disorder as per which the person is unable to differentiate between colours. Hence life becomes tough for them and later in life, the challenges increase. Early detection of the problem can ease the problem to a great extent. But with the help of medical advancements, treatment has become a possibility. Colour Blindness Treatment in India has been deve

Colour Blindness Treatment can be availed to lead a quality life
31 July 2019 Health ≈ Diseases and Conditions

Eyes are a very sensitive sense organ in the human body. There are various eye conditions which restrict normalcy in life. But medical science has also progressed immensely and have developed treatment procedures to help the people deal with ailments. One such eye condition is Colour Blindness. Though the problem is a genetic disorder, yet it is not mandatory that the disease be limited to being g

The ultimate guide of Pradhanama nasya therapy
11 June 2018 Health ≈ Diseases and Conditions

                                                        PRDHAMANA NASYAM In this type of Nasya karma, dry powders (rather

Knee Pain Treatment in Ayurveda
8 June 2018 Health ≈ Diseases and Conditions

Author Name- Dr.Nitesh Khonde Address-154, Shankar Nagar, Near Garden,  Nagpur-440010(INDIA) Website- E-mailing-, Phone No-+91-9607957777, 7263807777 +91-9923200007 Pathya-Apathya in Knee pain Pathya-Apathya in Knee pain (Dos) Eat warm, nourishing, easy-to-digest meals like kichari,•

4 Signs It’s Time To Visit a Dermatologist in Sussex For Your Acne
4 June 2018 Health ≈ Diseases and Conditions

Acne is one of the most common skin diseases. While many believe that the condition is usually associated with teenagers, the reality is that every human is likely to suffer from mild acne at least once in their adult life. And, instead of taking this matter into your own hands, it’s always recommended to consult a dermatologist. Thinking about the ways to determine if it’s really t

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Love Vashikaran Specialist Molvi Ji Contact Us Ask Free Question
18 February 2018 Health ≈ Diseases and Conditions

Are you having relationship problem with someone? Do you require wealth in your life? Is your child’s education hampered? Love Vashikaran Specialist Molvi Ji can help you here. Our universe have many planets. Each planetary movement, affects our life. Every individual has different birth date and place. The Astrologer’s view is the point of the planet when the child

Mitigate Your Severe Body Issues with the Help of Healing Sounds
18 January 2018 Health ≈ Diseases and Conditions

Whenever you feel like disconnecting yourself from the world, you keep yourself shut and try to sink in your favorite tune or music. Embracing music is not only fruitful when you desire to spend some peaceful time away from the worries of the world, you can also cure your several diseases with the help of sound or music. Have you ever visualized music in this perspective? Music can also become you

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How the Veterinary Vaccines Market Helps In Maintaining And Protecting The Health Of Livestock
20 December 2017 Health ≈ Diseases and Conditions

Veterinary vaccine segment is the most lucrative product section for veterinary drug manufacturers, remotely after parasiticidal. Veterinary vaccines help in maintaining and protecting the health of livestock. The veterinary vaccine market could witness a surge in revenue owing to the decreased creation of protein-centric high-quality meat. The reasons for the same is increasing incid

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Bipolar disorder
15 December 2017 Health ≈ Diseases and Conditions

Bipolar disorder is also referred to as manic-depressive disorder. It is a psychological state whereby a person experiences mood disorder that cause radical alterations in their moods. This alteration in moods can vary from manic high to depressive low. Bipolar disorder tends to take different courses, and it usually occurs in stages that a certain mood prevails. Different life changing events can

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Reap Beneficial Outcomes through the Beneficial Method of Naturopathy
7 November 2017 Health ≈ Diseases and Conditions

All forms of medicine have their own ways and process for treating different illnesses. While the modern medicines involve the drugs, chemicals, serums and similar methods, there are options which can be opted if you are looking for alternative methods. One such alternative method is naturopathy through which different types of illnesses are cured by the natural means. Naturopathy follows the prin

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