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Insuring Your Congregation With Billings Church Insurance
7 March 2018 Insurance ≈ Commercial

The times are long gone by when churches were considered safe havens of the God. Churches were places which served poor and downtrodden section of the society and any talks of Billings church insurance were laughed off by congregations. But times have changed and how. Robbery, vandalism, fire, hailstorm, and the ever-existent possibility of litigation has made churches seek an ideal insurance cove

Greg Helland
Insuring Your Church Vehicle Under Helena Church Insurance
20 December 2017 Insurance ≈ Commercial

Just like any other businesses, churches to use their own vehicles to carry out church operations and activities. There is a certain amount that was paid to purchase these vehicles and these vehicles play an all-important role in church operations. Any damage to these vehicles is a financial loss of church administration and it may have to bear the expenses of necessary repairs and maintenance to

Greg Helland
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