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Best Oncologist in Pune
4 February 2020 Health ≈ Cancer

Oncology is a branch of medical science that trades in the study, examine, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cancer. Dr. Jagdish Shinde is one of the Best Oncologist in Pune .to provide comprehensive cancer treatment for all type of cancer including breast cancer, Cervix cancer, Prostate cancer, colon cancer etc. He has more than 10 years of experience as a surgical oncologist and R

Salivary Gland Tumor And Surgery By Top Surgeons
24 January 2020 Health ≈ Cancer

Salivary gland tumors, the rare types of tumors, start in salivary glands that can begin in any of the salivary glands in mouth, neck or throat. These glands play a pivotal role – that makes saliva that aids in digestion and keeps your mouth moist and supports healthy teeth. Salivary glands are in three pairs under or behind your jaw – parotid, sublingual and submandibular. Some gla

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Parotidetomy And Face Lift To Get Rid Of Tumors
22 January 2020 Health ≈ Cancer

A parotidectomy, an advanced surgical excision or removal of the parotid gland (the main and largest of the salivary glands), is the most vital procedure performed due to tumors or neoplasms. It can be growth of rapidly and abnormally dividing cells that can be benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous).   Parotid tumors are neoplasm and sometimes called as abnormal growth of the paro

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Log On To Delhi Escorts Service And Get A Sexy Matching Partner
24 October 2019 Health ≈ Cancer

For a satisfied and long-term relationship, sex is not the only key word. I need to be the best companion of my partner. This is the basic logic, I believe. My name is Delhi Call Girls, a cute and young Delhi Escorts. I offer to please my clients in any  manner  , for which I make every effort. In fact mutual cozy relationships work wonders. I love throw-me-down sex, a little wild.

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Know about the causes and symptoms of Lung Cancer
26 September 2019 Health ≈ Cancer

As the name suggests, lung cancer is a type of cancer which occurs in the lungs. In lung cancer, cancerous tumours grow in the cells of the lungs. In the initial stages, lung cancer is also known as primary lung cancer. In the later stages, the size of the tumour grows and starts affecting other parts of the body, especially the tissues near the lungs.  Lung cancer is mainly divided into t

Get Natural Healing Treatment from Skilled and Experienced Chiropractor
25 August 2017 Health ≈ Cancer

Hands-on therapies and related holistic treatment procedures are the best and more effective alternative for regular medications and painful surgeries. Chiropractic care is one such non-invasive treatment that helps people to get rid of any chronic pain and attain overall health. These days, chiropractic treatments are widely utilized in hospitals and health care centers in order to deliver better

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Why Consult the Best Dermatology Clinic for MOHS Treatment
24 August 2017 Health ≈ Cancer

Taking care of skin is one of the biggest issues for people. Men and women across the world use various sorts of creams, lotions and other such cosmetic products in order to protect damage to their skin. The UV radiations from the sun harm the skin cells DNA that can lead to cancer causing diseases. Even with the use of all such creams and lotions, people fail to avoid the risk of cancer due to th

Samuel Greg
27 May 2017 Health ≈ Cancer

Abnormal growth of cells in the brain leads to the development of brain cancer. Brain cancer may develop from primary brain cells. It can even occur when cancerous cells from other parts of the body spread to the brain. This condition is known as metastatic brain cancer or secondary brain tumor. Symptoms of malignant brain tumor are: Seizures (fits) Severe headaches Nausea Vomiting

24 May 2017 Health ≈ Cancer

One of the most common forms of cancer in the world is lung cancer. Cigarette smoking is one of the biggest contributors for most lung cancers. High levels of radiation, pollution and asbestos exposure may also lead to this condition. Some of the most common symptoms of lung cancer are as follows: Persistent coughing Weight loss Fatigue Loss of appetite Repeated bronchitis or pneumon

20 May 2017 Health ≈ Cancer

When cells in the body grow out of control, it leads to cancer. Bone cancer begins in the bone. Cancer cells can begin to form in nearly any of your body part and may spread to the other parts if not diagnosed on time. Detecting cancer on time can give you multiple options for treatment. Some signs or symptoms may show in early stages of cancer, but it does not happen that often. Symptoms of ca

18 May 2017 Health ≈ Cancer

What kind of treatment would be meted out on a colon cancer patient depends majorly on the stage of the disease. Chemotherapy, surgery and radiation are three major treatments used in this case. If the cancer is small in size, it is likely that your doctor might go for a minimally invasive technique to surgery, like: Removal of polyps using colonoscopy Minimally invasive surgery Endoscop

18 May 2017 Health ≈ Cancer

Cancer cells when start spreading in the esophagus leads to the condition Esophageal cancer. It is through esophagus that food you intake is passed into the stomach. Starting at the inner layer, the cancer can spread to the other layers of the esophagus along with other body parts. Some of the symptoms of esophageal cancer are as follows: Indigestion or heartburn Difficulty in swallowing

17 May 2017 Health ≈ Cancer

Oral cancer is the cancer of the mouth. It includes the cancer of the tongue, cheeks, lips, floor of the mouth, pharynx (throat), sinuses and hard and soft palette and appears as a growth or sore. If not treated properly on time, they can pose a serious threat to one’s life as well. Some of the common symptoms of mouth cancer are: Sore throat Ear pain Excessive weight loss Une

Credihealth: Best medical assistance company
15 March 2017 Health ≈ Cancer

India is one of the emerging country as a hub for world class medical facilities. Indian doctors are the leading practitioners in the area of medicine across the world, also patients from various parts of the world are coming to India for the treatment. Credihealth is one of the best medical assistance company that gives guidance to a patient from the first consultation through the complete hos

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Shape Your Body with Best Bariatric Surgery Hospital in Delhi
27 February 2017 Health ≈ Cancer

Today many people are suffering from the obesity; according to the survey there is huge percentage of people around the world who are going through this problem.   Over-weighted people, generally feels very depressed, tensed and even their fattiness stars affecting their self-respect also. Sometimes it is very difficult for people to face wrong comments from others because of their ov

Different Ways to Cope With Cancer
23 February 2017 Health ≈ Cancer

"Cancer is a curable disease, if it is diagnosed in right stage", however, it is bit difficult for the patient who is going through this state, and they may feel afraid, anxious & tensed. Just after cancer is diagnosed, the situation actually changes patient life and also the lives of people around. The cancer patient goes through mental stress as a part of symptom, treatment, and

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Know the most Effective Cure for Cancer and Other ’Incurable’ Diseases
18 January 2017 Health ≈ Cancer

Cancer is the most lethal disease that is characterized by uncontrolled cell growth. There are trillions of cells in the human body that have specific function and specific cell turnover. But when in any part of the body these cells divide insanely forming lump of tissues, they form tumors. These tumors grow continuously and could interfere the functioning of nervous, digestive and circulatory sys

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Route to Jacksonville Dermatology Clinic for Best Skin Treatment
23 September 2016 Health ≈ Cancer

Your personality is the overall impression and representation of how impressive you are in other individuals’ eyes. Hence, your skin plays a huge role in your appearance. A beautiful, healthy and glowing skin will enhance your personality by simply indicating that you do care about your health and everything around you. Not only for looking attractive, but skin also plays an important role a

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Skin Cancer Treatment Made Successful with Mohs Surgery Jacksonville FL
23 September 2016 Health ≈ Cancer

Isn’t the very thought of your skin pops in your head when you step out of your house into the polluted surroundings? Don’t skin medicines make up for the most of your daily medications? Skin which happens to have the maximum outside exposure in our body deserves highest attention and utmost care. Emerging skin problems and increasing skin consciousness among people have made dermatolo

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