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25 December 2017 Outdoors ≈ Camping

After some more tips and tricks to dial in your camp setup? Here is part three of our cracking list of camping tips and tricks!   PORTABLE CAMP LIGHT   Pick up an Iluminator 24 LED work light and chuck it in the back of your 4WD. At camp you’ll have a portable light that can attach anywhere with a hook or attach to a tent pole.   VELCRO EVERYTHING, TO EVERYTH

O.J Aba
Why Outdoor Team building Events Are Good For Corporate World
27 June 2017 Outdoors ≈ Camping

The entire corporate world works as a team. Sometimes it is a small team of 3 or 5 people, and sometimes the team is as big as a school batch of 20-25 heads. The bigger the team is, the harder it gets to manage. However, there are lots of good and positive effects of working in a team to perform corporate tasks. This is the reason the big and average corporate houses often try to arrange Outdoor T

Jimmy Blizzard
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