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Representing for Service Tax Litigation
15 September 2017 Finance ≈ Accounting

Introduction The dictionary meaning of the word Litigation is the process of taking legal action against anyone. Where there is any conflict with tax laws or any other issue related to taxation; that is called as Tax Litigation. It occurs between the Government of India and the taxpayer. The entire taxation is divided into two parts i.e. direct taxation and indirect taxation and Representing fo

Shekhar Gupta
Quickbooks Certified Professional - Call QuickBook Support Phone Number
12 September 2017 Finance ≈ Accounting

QuickBooks Technical Support The QuickBooks Customer Service provides help to QuickBooks Technical Support, those who face issues while using QuickBooks.Dial number  They provide technical help and support remotely by taking remote access of your computer. They are accessible anyplace and anytime. QuickBooks is known to be one of the main bookkeeping software accessible in the ma

Sachin Gupta
Lead yourself towards a bright future in finance and accounts through SAP FICO online training
3 May 2017 Finance ≈ Accounting

FI and CO are the two closely integrated SAP modules that help organizations to generate financial statement for decision making. The professionals who seek to comprehend this module and build a career in this domain can opt SAP FICO online training. The FI module is responsible for recording and maintaining financial transactions of the organization for generating financial statement while the CO

Things you should know before going for Online Forex Brokers
12/22/2016 Finance ≈ Accounting

Are looking for an opportunity to test your luck in Forex trading? In that case, the first step that should be taken is to get associated with a Forex trader who is a reliable broker. It is also true that many people go through many trials to find the best one for their business. Hence, if you are seriously interested and searching for one of the best online Forex brokers then go through the tips

Jacob Harker
Things to Consider Before Starting a CPA Firm Near Mississauga
1/13/2017 Finance ≈ Accounting

The businesses are growing faster these days, and as per the regulations of the government, the business owners’ need to hire the services of professionally-skilled certified public accountants has been made absolutely a must. This is not because the governments get any advantage for hiring them but because of the fact that certified public accountants have become a very close associate of t

Jasmine Thomas
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